What’s Happening?

Northside community leaders are currently having a community-wide conversation and working to gather data about the neighborhoods that make up the Northside. We hope this will be the beginning of a large-scale effort to work towards a shared agenda for progress and creating a better community for all Northside residents.

Based on 300+ community interviews to date, and with support from the Buhl Foundation, we hope to build on the inherent assets and hard work of the people of the Northside to facilitate a community-driven engagement initiative where residents and community leaders create a shared community agenda. We are currently working to:

  • Engage residents + community leaders in defining what’s working and what’s needed
  • Develop shared strategies across communities and specific strategies within communities
  • Begin near-term projects that will make a difference
  • Leverage additional resources + community-based assets


Phone: 412-515-0989

Northside Conversation
Centre City Tower, Suite 2300
650 Smithfield Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222